5 Assisted Living Tips For Dementia

Living with dementia can be devastating for everyone involved, but that doesn't mean you can't find a way to enjoy life and in fact, to succeed at it each day. Here are some tips on how to achieve success in daily living, despite facing the challenges of dementia.

Set Realistic Goals For Each Day

You may need to reevaluate your goals on a regular basis, to adjust for the changes that come with dementia. Despite the difficulties, you can work everyday toward goals, but only if you carefully set realistic ones that are specially designed for the circumstances. Set goals in terms of hygiene, nutrition and exercise and make sure everyone on the care team is aware of them and helps work toward them. The more successful the person with dementia feels, the better, even if they're small accomplishments.

Take It One Goal At A Time

Never try to do more than one thing at a time, because you're bound to become frustrated. Look at and complete every goal or task individually, then move on to the next. Despite the good intentions, trying to do too much at once can be very overwhelming when you're dealing with dementia.

Try To Develop A Consistent Routine

Even people without dementia can become overwhelmed and confused when their routines are interrupted -- it's simply human nature to stick with what you know! Therefore, it's bound to be that much more difficult to change the routine of someone dealing with a dementia-related illness. Have a consistent routine, write it down on a calendar and post it on the fridge, then aim for as little deviation to it as possible.

Reach Out For Sources Of Strength

"Those living with dementia require special sources of inspiration, from friends and family to direct dementia care staff," - http://assistinghandshouston.com

Your team must work cooperatively and consistently to support each other and the person with dementia. At any given moment, this team must be in communication and able to reach out; they need to constantly know what's going on and how to help. Most especially for the individual with the disease, there must be trusted sources to reach out to, no matter what the circumstances. 

When you live with dementia, you face special challenges each day. Learning to overcome these challenges takes time and a good support network of diligent and caring people. Work at the goals regularly and you will succeed each day, still able to love life in every way possible.